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Biohazard Testimonials

We had a chemical spill in our dental office on 06/22/2018 that required professional clean up. SERVPRO was incredibly helpful to determine exactly what the protocol was for the spill and responded to the site within 2 hours of the initial call. Steve kept me updated throughout the process and made sure that all of our concerns were addressed. They left equipment over the weekend in order to make sure all particulates were out of the air and that all lingering smells were gone by the time we returned to patient care on Monday morning. They were a lifesaver to us and I couldn't recommend them more!

I called SERVPRO with a sewage backup in my basement. They not only responded promptly to my call, but began the clean-up process immediately and even spoke with my insurance agent for me to determine coverage. The employees were very polite & extremely helpful. Several went above & beyond to make sure the process went smoothly & ran on time. This terrible event, but SERVPRO made sure I was well taken care of, made the process less stressful, and my basement is now greatly improved.